Small Business IT Consulting: Targeting The Sweet Spot

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Small Business IT Consulting is served best by “sweet spot” small businesses, those with 10-50 computers and 10-100 employees. These companies have a dedicated server and need support via small business IT Consulting

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Small business IT consulting professionals can choose to market themselves to “sweet spot small businesses”. These small businesses are where you start to see small business IT consultants breaking through that $100 an hour barrier. This is where you start to see $95 to $125 an hour work, or in many cases more than that, depending on where you’re located.

Targeting Their Needs

With the sweet spot small businesses, generally they’ve outgrown peer to peer options and they have one or more dedicated servers. This can be to the small business IT consulting professionals?advantage, because the competition they may have faced in targeting smaller firms is nonexistent in this arena.

That’s a very key fork in the road for this kind of small business. Once they get to the point where they have a dedicated server, they need professional help along with it. They can’t limp along with low budget economy, no-frills options, making this segment of the market a good target for the small business IT consulting professional.

How Big Are Sweet Spot Businesses?

A small business IT consulting professional should know that sweet spot small businesses have 10 to 50 computers, and 10 to 100 employees.

If you’re looking to target these companies with direct mail and other like forms of marketing, you should keep in mind that they produce anywhere from $1 million to $10 million in revenue – sometimes as high as $20 million in annual revenue.

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