Important Safety Considerations to Make When Shopping for an Infant Seat

By , June 8, 2018 6:00 am

An infant seat is a product that will provide the necessary support to enable a young infant to sit upright. These types of seats are not child safety seats and are not intended for use in a vehicle. The design of an infant seat does not provide the necessary protection to be used when transporting a baby. Some of the child safety seats may also be used as an infant seat, but not all infant seats can be used for transportation purposes. Here are some important safety considerations to make when shopping for an infant seat.

Infant Seat Design

Most infant seats will include a safety belt that can be placed around the child to help secure them while sitting in the seat. Make sure the safety belt is present, secure, and is constructed of washable materials. The base of the seat should be designed to be wider than the seat itself. There should be some type of non-skid materials placed on the underside of the seat. This keeps the seat from sliding when placed on a smooth surface.

Proper Use of an Infant Seat

Common sense goes a long way when it comes to using baby accessories. Never place an infant seat on a soft surface such as a cushioned couch, chair, or mattress. This could result in the seat tipping over which could potentially be hazardous. Always make sure the safety belt is properly placed around the baby in a secure way. It is not recommended that an infant seat be placed on a countertop or table. A fall from that height could result in severe injury to the child.

Never mistake an infant seat as being suitable for use as a car seat unless it is specifically designed for that purpose. Some of those products are available on the market, but it is imperative to thoroughly research before purchasing. When in doubt, always check to make sure that the product selected is suitable for the intended use. Mom Knows Best when it comes to shopping for and choosing the perfect infant seat for baby. Safety comes first!

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